DGM Gets Digging

The Dig Greater Manchester (DGM) project is now up and running and our first archaeological evaluation will be at the site of Etherstone Hall, Leigh, Wigan. It will start on Monday 5th March and run until Saturday 17th March. We will be on site Saturdays but not Sundays and the final Saturday (17th March) will be a public open day.


Dig Greater Manchester is a project intended to create an opportunity for the local communities in the Greater Manchester region to get involved in a variety of ways in their own history and heritage. We will be providing the chance for thousands of Greater Manchester residents to actually get ‘hands on’ experience of an archaeological excavation in a safe and healthy environment. We will also provide a learning opportunity with a series of lectures and workshops in archaeological techniques during the excavations but also as separate one day courses when techniques such as archaeological building surveys, geophysical surveys, artefact analysis etc. will be taught. All of these things will be free of charge; you just have to get yourselves to the venues.

There will be four excavations this year:

Leigh in Wigan – 5th to 17th March

Radcliffe in Bury – 18th to 30th June

Chadderton in Oldham – 10th to 22nd September

Reddish in Stockport (venue to be confirmed) 8th to 20th October

Dates for the seven other excavations will be announced later this year.

The workshops and lectures will be spread throughout the year and the dates for these will be posted when the venues have been arranged so please keep up to date with this blog and other social media. You can also contact the DGM team if you would like further information.

We are taking bookings for this year’s excavations so anyone interested and wanting to take part please contact Brian Grimsditch (tel. Ph. 0161 295 3821, b.grimsditch@salford.ac.uk) or Debbie Atkin (tel. Ph. 0161 295 6286, d.atkin@salford.ac.uk).

During one of the weeks of the excavations we will be running a programme for schools and colleges when a class from up to ten different schools will spend half a day on site taking part in a number of archaeological activities (one of which will be actual excavation) and we have a dedicated educational archaeologist who will be dealing with the schools. She will also deal with any other educational matters and we are hoping that a number of groups who would not usually get involved in projects such as DGM will be able to come along and gain benefit from the project. We have been approached by a number of groups including a group for long term unemployed and a group for those with learning difficulties. We are hoping for groups with disabilities to be included as well. Any such groups or schools and colleges can contact Sarah Cattell (tel. Ph. 0161 295 2545, s.j.cattell@salford.ac.uk) for details.

We intend to run a weekly blog to update the progress of the project but this will increase in frequency when we are on site or there is a need to update more often. If time and results allow we will post a daily update whilst on site so that those who cannot attend a particular excavation but are still interested can get information as it happens.


2 comments on “DGM Gets Digging

  1. Josie says:

    why is it that where ever I’ve lived in Greater Manchester I find bits of blue pottery?

  2. saira says:

    my name is saira i am masters in archaeology frm pakistan 2002 now i have got two kids very busy as mother or house wife as a long gap between my studies i forgot archaeology bt when i got through this news excavation in manchester really its great can i join the team.

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