Manchester’s History Festival Celebration Day

We recently took part in the Festival, manning a stall promoting the Centre.

People were encouraged to handle finds and sign up to Dig Greater Manchester sites. We had really good feedback on the day and got over 100 volunteers signed up for future digs.

Here are Sarah, Vicky and Charly manning the stall.Image


One comment on “Manchester’s History Festival Celebration Day

  1. Stephen Pollock-Hill says:

    Re; Wood Hall Stockport
    I came across this site while researching my great grandfather William Thompson Hill, who gave his address as being “Wood Hall , Stockport” and who subsequently moved to South Norwood, South London.
    This may be the same W.T.H. cited as being a nephew of Octavia Hill, social reformer and joint founder of The National Trust. but this is not certain.
    I would appreciate any connection or details about the history of Wood Hall that are uncovered.
    h e may have been born there or lived there as a child but in what capacity, I do not know.

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