GMAF Events 2018

GMFest18_Flyer1.pubThis is the list of events for the second Greater Manchester Archaeology Festival which took place over four days from Thursday 21 June to Sunday 24 June 2018. As in 2017, all the events were free and were supported by the Greater Manchester Archaeology Federation and the Centre for Applied Archaeology at the University of Salford. 

Thursday 21 June

GM Archaeology Fest 18: Launch Event & Lecture ‘The K8 – 50th Anniversary of Britain’s last red phonebox’

Trafford: Warburton Graveyard Survey


Friday 22 June

Manchester’s Communications Archaeology Walk

Manchester: Bellhouse Walk

Wigan: Brimelow Roman Road Dig Day 1


Saturday 23 June

Bolton: Hall i’th’Wood History Day

Bury: Walls and Boundaries in the Holcombe Valley

Tameside: Tameside Local History Forum History & Archaeology Day

Stockport: Scholes Park Archaeology Drop-in

Wigan: Brimelow Roman Road Dig Day 2


Sunday 24 June

Bury: Outwood Lodge Dig Drop-In, Philips Park, Whitefield

Oldham: Castleshaw Roman Forts Tours

Tameside: Finds Workshop

Trafford: Roman Pottery Workshop